Learning to fly

Learning to fly radio-controlled (RC) model aircraft can be fraught with crashes and disappointment when you try to learn on your own. However, learning to fly (RC) model aircraft alongside one of BMAC‘s qualified flying instructors is an easy, safe and enjoyable process.  BMAC's Instructors will help you select a suitable first model and arrange a free course of flying lessons using either the club’s dedicated trainer or your own trainer aircraft.

Model Flight Instruction at BMAC

If you are interested in learning to fly model planes and helicopters we can help. BMAC is fortunate to have several instructors with skills in most disciplines of the hobby.

Before you go out and buy a model plane or helicopter, we recommend you visit the club and have a chat with our experienced instructors. We might be able to help you with your choice of model and help steer you towards a path with the greatest chance of success.

The club also has a number of training aircraft set up as a “buddy box” arrangement. This gives the student a radio control that is connected to the model via the instructor’s radio control.  In practice what this means is that the instructor can “hand over” or “take back” control at any time, avoiding crashes and giving the student as much time in the air as possible. Most students will start with a model flying in the air and progress towards take-offs and finally landing (the hardiest and not optional part of flying).

An alternative option is to use a buddy box with a model the student owns. While it isn’t always possible and depends on both the model and the chosen radio control, it does give first hand experience  with the model that the student is likely to continue with after their initial period of flight instruction.

Again, the best thing to do is drop in to the club and have a chat with our experienced instructors. Chances are that be of our instructors will either be there, or that a recent student will be able to give you more information on the training that they received.

Computer Flight Simulators

The latest generation of computer based flight simulators for RC model aircraft provide realistic imagery and use very accurate flight dynamics and provide a great way to practice RC flying in a very realistic environment.  BMAC has Radio Control Model Flight Simulators available for short term loan for club members to practice.