Learn to Fly

Learning to fly Radio-controlled Aircraft at BMAC

Learning to fly radio-controlled (RC) model aircraft can be fraught with difficulties when you try to learn on your own.
However; learning to fly (RC) model aircraft alongside one of BMAC‘s fully qualified flying instructors is an easy, safe and enjoy able process.  Our Flying Instructors will help you select a suitable first model and arrange a free course of flying lessons using the club’s dedicated Boomerang trainer aircraft or you can use your own trainer aircraft.

The BMAC's Boomerang Trainer
The BMAC’s Boomerang Training aircraft

Our instructors use RC transmitters capable of supporting dual-control cable or WiFi connection between the instructor’s transmitter and your transmitter, commonly known as the buddy-box method.

A BMAC Instructor and student
BMAC Instructor and student

For more details why not check out the Club’s Flying Training at BMAC video on Youtube or contact our Chief Flying Instructor at training@bmac.org.au

Our instructors will also provide you with a copy of the BMAC Pilot Training Manual and Model Aircraft Association of Australia (MAAA) Student Pilots logbook.

Use a Flight Simulator

The latest generation of computer based flight simulators for RC model aircraft provide realistic imagery and use very accurate flight dynamics and provide a great way to practice RC flying in a very realistic environment. Contact your local hobby shop to find what systems are available

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