Operational Procedures

Vehicles at the field

Please drive on the road at all times and keep your speed within the sign posted speed limits.

When arriving or departing, you are free to drive down to the turning circle in front of the pits. Please pack/unpack your vehicle promptly then return to park it in the designated parking spaces north of the club-house.


The BMAC Crace Grasslands field is noise sensitive and requires ALL models to operate within a maximum limit of 94db at 3 metres. You will find this is easily obtainable by most current IC motor and propeller combinations.

Safety in the Pits

The pits area is all the area between the turning circle and the concrete drains at the beginning of the green taxiways to the runway.

For safety reasons, members must not arm electric models in the pits, or start glow or petrol engines in the pits.

After flying, models must be disarmed or shut down before entering the pits area.

Flightline Procedures

This PDF provides useful information on the layout of the BMAC field and environs.

Flight Line Etiquette

The secret to a harmonious flight line is communicate with your fellow pilots.

  • Before you or your craft crosses the flight line announce your intentions to all the other pilots.

  • Observe circuit direction and also observe the wind sock as a guide.

  • Avoid flying in the opposite direction to the rest of the aircraft in flight. This avoids potential incidents in flight.

  • Call “OK to take Off? “ then wait until you have received “OK” from all before proceeding.

  • Remember the other pilots may not hear the first time as their full concentration may be skywards. Don’t be impatient - look around you - if all looks OK ask again.

  • While flying always stand with in the pilot’s box. It is designed so that all pilots are close together so they can communicate while flying and as protection from stray planes.

  • When you need to land set up your approach and announce “Landing” wait for the “OK”. If someone calls “No” or “Dead stick” stay clear of the strip until the urgent landing is complete.

  • Before venturing onto the strip to retrieve a model call “On the strip” and wait for the “OK” from all pilots. Retrieve your model and leave the strip as quickly practical, don’t look for lost wheels or broken parts. When you leave the strip announce “Clear” so the pilots know that you are safe and that they can use the strip.

  • If for some reason you need to cross the strip then announce “Crossing the strip” and wait for the “OK” before proceeding.

  • If you lose power unexpectedly during flight call "Dead Stick". A pilot with a dead-stick aircraft has priority to allow them to return to strip and make a safe landing unimpeded.

Field Closure on Total Fire Ban Days

The BMAC Crace Grasslands field will be closed for the duration of Total Fire Ban declarations within the ACT. During a Total Fire Ban there is strictly no entry to the field for any reason.

Note: Total Fire Bans last for 24-hour periods and normally commence at midnight and finish at midnight. Total Fire Bans can be extended or reduced at any time due to changing weather conditions.

Field Closure During the ACT Bushfire Season

The BMAC Crace Grasslands flying field is closed from 1:00 pm every afternoon during the ACT Bushfire Season. This typically commences on 1st October and runs through to 31st March unless weather conditions warrant changes. The Committee will endeavour to notify members if and when there is a change to these normal season dates.

ACT Parks, Conservation & Lands wood heap site

Retrieval of models from the fenced ACT Government controlled wood heap site adjacent to the BMAC Field must only be undertaken by BMAC members adhering to the following guidelines.

Procedures for retrieving models from the ACT Parks, Conservation & Lands (PC&L) controlled wood heap site.

As a result of discussions with the ACT PC&L Supervisor responsible for the wood heap site adjacent to the BMAC Field, retrieving any model that crashes or lands in the fenced off wood heap area can only be undertaken by BMAC members adhering to the following procedures:

  1. When the wood heap site is occupied and in operation, members entering the wood heap site must wear High Visibility vests (located in the clubhouse) and enter the site via the Main Gate and approach one of the operators on the site.

  2. The BMAC member will either be escorted to the model or the site operator will retrieve the model.

  3. If there are no operators on the wood heap site, members must phone the ACT PC&L Supervisor to arrange escorted access to the wood heap site. The ACT PC&L Supervisor's phone number is recorded on the Club House notice board.

  4. For the personal safety of the wood heap site operators, BMAC members should avoid over flying the wood site property when the site is occupied. The club executive is aware it is legal for BMAC members to over fly the wood site above 30 metres (MAAA MOP 014 - General Rules for the Operation of Model Aircraft). However; club members are urged to use discretion and exercise sound judgment (common sense) when flying in and around the wood pile site so as not to jeopardize the club's continued coexistence in the CRACE Grasslands field.