BMAC Videos on YouTube

BMAC Videos

The following are links to BMAC and other videos posted to YouTube by the BMAC Wingtips magazine and BMAC web site editors.

A windy day Fun Fly at the BMAC Field
At the BMAC Grasslands Flying Field
A large scale Amiot 143M, a French bomber

This is a large radio controlled model of an Amiot 143M, a between-wars French bomber, built from Traplet plans by Brian Oakes.

Radio Control Combat Flying at BMAC
2015 Christmas fun fly at BMAC
Formation Flying at BMAC
Scale Messerschmitt 262 by Dynam
Ron Barnes’ Horten Parabel
Ron’s Horton Parabel, is a pre-WWII flying wing design by the  Horten brothers, Walter and Reimar.  The Parabel was an experimental glider which, for reasons that are uncertain, never flew.
 N.A.A.S. Electric Flight Rally – Easter 2018

The National Electric Flight Rally held at the N.A.A.S field in Canberra on the Easter weekend 2018. Events included F5J glider, Radian glider, old timer and scale competitions.





Fostering aero-modelling in the Belconnen region, Canberra